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One True Pair

Spiders…the spiders…they want us to pole-dance!

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one_true_pair is a community for people who enjoy reading, writing and drawing the more unusual pairings of the Harry Potter fandom. You will not find any Harry/Snape or Ginny/Hermione here (thank god). The excluded pairings list can be found here, along with the usual information on formatting.

What you will find is a variety of unconventional pairings. From Ron/Stan Shunpike to Mad Eye Moody/Lucius Malfoy, chances are you’ll find it here.

The community mods will be posting the occasional ficathon, in which everyone, member or not, is welcome to participate and pimp like a mad thing.

Besides responding to challenges, everyone is encouraged (read: commanded) to post any stories or art dealing with the more interesting Harry Potter pairings. We’re also still a discussion community, so any rare pair thoughts that come to mind, feel free to post them here.

Any questions, comments, and random abuse should be directed to prurient_badger. She will promptly palm it off onto shaychana or __hibiscus who are much more likeable.

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Banner made by shaychana, with art from __hibiscus


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