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Fic: 'With Cat-Like Tread', Severus/Minerva, R [18 Jan 2012|01:02am]

Title: With Cat-Like Tread
Author: purplefluffycat
Pairing: Severus/Minerva
Rating: R
Word Count: About 2600
Summary/Description: It wasn't voyeurism if she was a cat, Minerva assured herself. Everyone liked to have a cat in their room, after all...

Author's Notes: This was written for the prompts, 'Decorating for Christmas' and 'fur fetish,' for inamac in the daily_deviant Kinky Kristmas 2011 exchange.

With Cat-Like TreadCollapse )
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Fic: 'Close, Closer... Closed', Alastor Moody, Bellatrix Lestrange, R [07 Sep 2011|06:07pm]

Title: Close, Closer... Closed
Author: purplefluffycat
Characters: Alastor Moody, Bellatrix Lestrange
Rating: R
Words: ~1000
Warnings: D/s fantasy, masturbation, canon character death
Summary/Description: They say that love and hate are flip sides of the same Galleon. Perhaps obsession lies in between.

Author's Notes: A response to daily_deviant's theme, 'dark witches/wizards: short but not-so-sweet.

They say that love and hate are flip sides of the same Galleon. That might be true, Alastor admits, but he's never been one for fancy philosophising; he prefers a solid work-ethic and a bottle of Old Ogden's over any of that navel-gazing malarkey, any day.Collapse )
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Fic: 'A Job Well Done', Argus Filch, Severus Snape, NC-17 [29 Jun 2011|03:54pm]

Title: A Job Well Done
Author: purplefluffycat
Characters: Argus Filch, Severus Snape - with mentions of various and assorted pairings (slash, het and femmeslash).
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: voyeurism, (non-graphic) mentions of teen sexuality and bestiality
Word Count: about 2800
Summary/Description: ...“So that is why the very same February morning saw a large, rangy old tabby cat pad along the dungeon corridors with a piece of contraband between her pointy teeth...”

Author's Notes: Written for daily_deviant, with the theme 'sexology.' I had great fun writing this; I hope you like it, too :-)

A Job Well DoneCollapse )
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Fic: Too Close For Comfort [Harry/Pansy] [17 Jan 2011|03:00am]

Title: Too Close For Comfort
Author: scarletladyy
Pairing: Harry/Pansy
Word Count: 7,580
Rating: R
Warnings: Sexual situations, slight dub con
Summary Since the war, nowhere will hire Pansy Parkinson, and she desperately needs a job. The only person willing to give her a chance is Harry, and things are awkward for the both of them.
Author's Notes: This was written for thilia for wizard_love 2010. Many thanks to my beta T.

( Too Close For Comfort )
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Fic: Never Judge A Book By Its Cover [Ron/Pansy] [16 Jan 2011|04:14am]

Title: Never Judge A Book By Its Cover
Author: scarletladyy
Pairing: Ron/Pansy
Word Count: 6,300
Rating: R
Warnings: Violence, flashbacks to non-con, mental health issues (PTSD, Social Anxiety Disorder, Clinical Depression)
Summary: When Pansy Parkinson tried to give up Harry Potter to the Dark Lord, she never realised her life would go drastically downhill when the light side won.
Author's Notes: Written for the hp_mhealthfest 2010. Thank you to my beta chemical_haven.

( Never Judge A Book By Its Cover )
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Fic: Mistaken Identity [Fred/Pansy, George/Pansy] [14 Jan 2011|12:46am]

Title: Mistaken Identity
Author: scarletladyy
Pairings: Fred/Pansy, George/Pansy
Word Count: 1,578
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Sexual situations, infidelity, AU [Fred's alive]
Summary It's the annual Halloween ball, and Pansy thinks Fred needs a little reminding of exactly why he likes her.
Author's Notes: Written for samhain_smut 2010. Thank you to my beta chemical_haven.

( Mistaken Identity )
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Fic: A Changed Man [Dudley/Pansy] [17 Nov 2010|05:09pm]

Title: A Changed Man
Author: scarletladyy
Pairing: Dudley/Pansy
Word count: 3,172
Rating: R
Warnings: Sexual situations
Summary: Dudley is somewhat of a changed man, realising that to make a life for himself he can't have the attitude he used to. Whilst working for Harry, Dudley comes across a broken Pansy Parkinson, who has very much the attitude Dudley used to, and hasn't realised it just doesn't do her any good.
Author's Notes: Written for dudley_redeemed 2010. Thanks to my beta chemical_haven.

( A Changed Man )
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Fic: Indebted [Blaise/Pansy] [19 Oct 2010|04:58pm]

Title: Indebted
Author: scarletladyy
Pairing: Blaise/Pansy
Word Count: 6,305
Rating: R
Warnings: Prostitution, lap dancing, stripping
Summary: When Draco offers Blaise a freebie at his establishment, Heavenly Bodies, he was not expecting to find his old friend Pansy amongst the girls.
Author's Notes: Written for hp_emofest Round 3 2010. Thank you to my beta chemical_haven.

( Indebted )
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Fic: Dirty Laundry [Lucius/Narcissa] [19 Jul 2010|01:39am]

Title: Dirty Laundry
Author: scarletladyy
Pairing: Lucius/Narcissa
Word Count: 999
Rating: R
Warnings: D/s, oral sex, anal sex
Summary: When Rita Skeeter airs Lucius and Narcissa's dirty laundry, Narcissa wants to get her back, but Lucius has something else in mind.
Author's Notes: Written for June's ptterpr0nprmpts prompt 'Laundry'. Thanks to my beta chemical_haven .

( Dirty Laundry )
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Fic: The Arrangement [Marcus/Pansy] [24 May 2010|06:35pm]

Title: The Arrangement
Author: scarletladyy
Pairing: Marcus/Pansy
Word Count: 3,142
Rating: R
Warnings: Sexual content
Summary: Pansy thinks Flint is an irritating git, but he has more to offer than she ever thought possible.
Author's Notes: Written for tattooedsappho for hp_beholder 2010. Thank you to my beta chemical_haven .

( The Arrangement )
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Fic: It Feels So Right [Pansy/Ginny] [18 May 2010|06:54pm]

Title: It Feels So Right
Author: scarletladyy
Pairing(s): Pansy/Ginny
Word Count: 1941
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: BDSM, mild dub-con, anal sex
Summary: Pansy confronts Ginny in the bathroom and has her wicked way with her
Author's Notes: Written for nemo_r for femmefest 2010. Thank you to my beta ldymusyc .

( It Feels So Right )
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HP Prisoner Fest 2010! [09 May 2010|04:51am]

Sign-Ups are now open at...

hp_prisonerfest hp_prisonerfest hp_prisonerfest

Rules // Sign-Ups

Hope to see you there!

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Fic: Insecurities [George/Pansy] [02 May 2010|10:10pm]

Title: Insecurities
Author: scarletladyy
Pairing: George/Pansy
Word Count: 1,537
Rating: R
Warnings: Light mention of D/s
Summary: Pansy's just come back from holiday, but George's insecurities are still as high as ever
A/N: Written for seraphimerising at hpgeorgecentric 2010. Thank you to my beta seatbeltdrivein .

( Insecurities )
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Fic: The First Time [Harry/Pansy] [30 Apr 2010|02:58am]

Title: The First Time
Author: scarletladyy
Pairing: Harry/Pansy
Word Count: 1,893
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Summary: Pansy went through many first times with Potter, but there was only one last time.
Author's Notes: Written for hh_writersblock 's Prompt Lottery. Thank you to my beta chemical_haven.

( The First Time )
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Fic: Meet The Parents [Draco/Astoria] [19 Apr 2010|11:22pm]

Title: Meet The Parents
Author: scarletladyy
Pairing: Draco/Astoria
Word Count: 2,404
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): Public Humiliation, sex, dirty talk
Summary: It was the first time Astoria was meeting Draco's parents, and he wanted her to make a good impression.
Author's Notes: Written for hp_kinkfest 2010 for the prompt Public Humiliation, although I wasn't there to post it. I know this has been requested of me so I've finally decided to post it :) Thank you to my beta kitty_mrowr.

( Meet The Parents )
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Brilliant (Harry Potter, Oliver/Percy). [10 Feb 2010|01:25am]

Title: Brilliant
Author: Margot/midnight_birth.
Pairing: Oliver/Percy
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Alcohol abuse (one characrter gets smashed), scenes of explicit sexual nature. Info given by JKR in subsequent interviews about Percy’s future (wife and kids and all) is disregarded.
Word Count: 4,098

Summary: As far as Percy is concerned, Oliver hasn’t ever cared for anything beside Quidditch. When Oliver brings a date to Harry and Ginny’s wedding, however, Percy is resolved that if Oliver is capable of noticing other blokes romantically, he should be one of them. Unfortunately, Percy is very stale at wooing, and Oliver isn’t looking for what Percy is prepared to give.

A/N: This was written for the wonderful loony4lupin in the awesome community hp_spring_fling. Hers was one of the coolest prompts I've had to work with in a while, requesting "a blue sparkly dildo" for object, "bottom of the bottle" for place, and "plaid" for theme. Some other things that were requested included sunflowers, topping from the bottom, snark, unusual situations, awkwardness, alcohol, dirty talk, tattoos, sun, family scenes, Molly Weasley in all forms, Hogwarts, minor angst and UST. I had a lot of fun writing this. Enjoy! ♥

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Fic: 'Dinner and a Show', Albus/Severus, Albus/Severus/Minerva [04 Jan 2010|12:13pm]

Title: Dinner and a Show
Author: purplefluffycat
Characters/Pairings: Minerva-centric, Albus/Severus, Albus/Severus/Minerva (with a mention of Scrimgeour/Shacklebolt)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Fantasy, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Threesome
Word Count: about 3800
Summary/Description: Minerva is a slash-girl. Albus and Severus decide to give her the best birthday present, ever...

Author's Notes: This was written for the daily_deviant monthly theme 'Edible aphrodisiacs'. It stands alone, but I did imagine this story would naturally follow Surveillance, in which Albus and Severus get together, with a little help from Minerva.

Dinner and a ShowCollapse )
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Merry Sodding Yule M. Flint/K. Bell R one-shot [22 Dec 2009|11:53am]

[ mood | calm ]

I haven't posted here in awhile, but I was drabbling this week for my OTP, Marcus and Katie and this came out of that. Enjoy!

xposted to bell_flint and overcomingrvlry

Title: Merry Sodding Yule
Author: angylinni
Pairing: Marcus Flint/Katie Bell
Summary: Katie is stuck away from home for Yule, but in the end it's not as bad as she thought it'd be.
Rating: R for suggestion and some naughty words
Length: 2540 words

Merry Sodding YuleCollapse )

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The ronpansy_fest has begun posting! [31 Jul 2009|09:43pm]

You can read and review Part 1 of the first fic, "Selling Spring," here. We will be posting multi-chaptered fics at the rate one chapter per day and leaving a day in between each fic.

The ronpansy_fest is an anonymous gift exchange, which means that authors and artists are responding to prompts on a deadline. As a result, we request that reviewers avoid crit in their reviews.

Posting will be taking place through August. We hope you find something to your enjoyment!
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Fic: 'Dark-Eyed Wanderer', Part Two, Severus/Filius, NC-17 [21 Jul 2009|12:15am]

Title: Dark-Eyed Wanderer
Author: purplefluffycat
Pairings: Severus Snape/Filius Flitwick, mentions of Severus Snape/Lily Evans (unrequited) and Severus Snape/Lucius Malfoy
Rating: NC-17 (although most of the story rates lower)
Word Count: About 13,800
Warnings: Canon character death, discussion of grief.
Summary: After the first war, Severus is reprieved by law, but not by himself. It takes a special person to make him embrace life once more. Death, however, always waits.

Author's/Artist's Notes: This story was originally written for the 2009 hp_beholder fest, for psyfic, here.

Dark-Eyed Wanderer, Part One

Dark Eyed Wanderer, Part TwoCollapse )
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